To promote the adoption of a Just and Equitable Land Policy that provides for Secure Basic land and resource rights for all Citizens.


  • Changes in AGENDAS
    • The State commits to a process to re-conceptualise land redistribution and land access.
  • Changes in BEHAVIOURS
    • Policy consultation that includes all stakeholders and interest groups takes place.
    • Implement existing laws that address women and land.
  • Changes in POLICIES
    • Develop a clear policy or white paper to guide land redistribution and land access for all citizens.
    • Develop new Land Reform Framework Bill or Act.
    • Close the gap in law on women’s rights to land, and actualise the changes planned for in 2013.

Increase in the Land Reform budget by at least 5%.

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"As Africans today, we need to understand that those who colonized us cannot suddenly have our interests at heart, and the capitalist interests which exploited us cannot suddenly be giving to us."


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