To ensure that land and fishing rights are equitably accessed and redistributed. As well as establish  a productive land administration system that supports all citizens’ land rights and Implement land reform and land access that  benefits small-scale farmers and fisheries, and attain functional gender-inclusive land access and resource rights policies.


To promote the adoption of a Just and Equitable Land Policy that provides for Secure Basic land and resource rights for all Citizens.


  • Changes in AGENDAS
    • The state commits to a process to re-conceptualise land redistribution and land access.
  • Changes in BEHAVIOURS
    • Policy consultation that includes all stakeholders and interest groups takes place.
    • Implement existing laws that address women and land.
  • Changes in POLICIES
    • Develop a clear policy or white paper to guide land redistribution and land access for all citizens.
    • Develop a new Land Reform framework Bill or Act.
    • Close the gap in law on women’s rights to land, and actualise the changes planned for in 2013.
    • Increase in the Land Reform budget by at least 5%
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