To provide an assessment and set of proposal for how Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in South Africa can contribute to ensuring food and nutrition security for South Africans during the unprecedented crises presented by COVID-19: for the many, not the few. The document should be used as a basis for:

● Reviewing the South African Government’s COVID-19 emergency response in terms of how it is supporting food and nutrition security, particularly for marginalized constituencies, and to assist in planning;

● Discussion on how to advance equitable access to critical food and nutrition security measures in both rural and urban households during this crisis;

● Planning on how Civil Society Organisations can support marginalized communities in terms of their food and nutrition security needs during this time.

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"As Africans today, we need to understand that those who colonized us cannot suddenly have our interests at heart, and the capitalist interests which exploited us cannot suddenly be giving to us."

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