LandNNes in collaboration with Gender CC, ACBIO and Food Lab, intends to map small scale farmers, scholar drivers and households in need of food in the uMgungundlovu (KZN) and Vhembe (Limpopo) District. The project is working together with a similar initiative that has been undertaken in Gauteng under the umbrella of the Covid-19 which was initiated by ACBIO. The action research will help identify three crucial areas of localized/informal food systems and how they intersect: urban and rural food production by small scale producers; localized informal fresh food markets and the nature of their value chain; households food consumption dynamics and what informs where households purchase food and what food they purchase. This initiative has a very limited budget. This research focused on vulnerable groups as a whole, without a specification on farm dwellers but as they are our constituencies, they were included in the process. As this was a pilot, all vulnerable groups had to be identified across/in uMgungundlovu. It was agreed from the start that as there is limited budget, some/few farm dwellers will be part of the research.

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"As Africans today, we need to understand that those who colonized us cannot suddenly have our interests at heart, and the capitalist interests which exploited us cannot suddenly be giving to us."

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