What We Do

People on Farms

  • Labour Tenants​
  • Basic Services
  • Land Governance

    • Land Reform for people on communal Land, e.g. the Ingonyama Trust and the privatisation impact on WLP​​
    • Redistribution​
    • Tenure Security​​

    Transversal Activities​

    • Land Livelihood, Women’s Land Rights and Climate Change​​​

    Planned Land Reform

    • Land Information Management System (LIMS)​​​
    • Area-based Planning (ABP)​
    • The LandDex tool​​​

    State-owned Land​

    • Land Administration​​​
    • Land Management​

    How We Work

    To promote the adoption of a Just and Equitable Land Policy that provides for Secure Basic land and resource rights for all Citizens.

    To support and obtain an effective Land Administration System (LA) and Land Data and Information Management.

    To promote the equitable land distribution and public investment that supports small-scale farming and fishing systems.

    To ensure that land and fishing rights are equitably accessed and redistributed as well as establish a productive land administration system.

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    "As Africans today, we need to understand that those who colonized us cannot suddenly have our interests at heart, and the capitalist interests which exploited us cannot suddenly be giving to us."


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